Shower Heads – Which is the Best for Me?

Mar 16, 2018

Shower Heads – Which is the Best for Me?

Choosing the best shower heads for your taste may seem to be a simple task, but you may find that the options available are a bit overwhelming. When you get to the store, you realize that there are a gazillion different types, shapes, sizes, and functions of shower heads. Shower heads are something that you really don’t think about, well, until you do! When you need a new one, you see that you are in a new world of sizing, water pressure, and specific functionality. Sounds like a bit of a science experiment, yes? In this article, we will help to simplify the apparent science that is selecting the best shower head for you.

Shower Heads: Types

Almost all shower heads use the standardized National Pipe Thread size, which means that connecting a new shower head to the “elbow” coming out of the wall should not be a problem. The standardized size is 1/2 inch NPT.

  • Wall-mounted single-head: This is the basic bowl-shaped style that attaches directly to the elbow. It is notable for its simplicity and flexibility.
  • Hand-held: This type of shower head utilize a hose to connect directly to the elbow. The shower head itself rests in a holder installed on the wall.
  • Ceiling or Rain: This type of shower head attaches via a long “L” or “P” shaped arm which attaches to the elbow. This type is notable for maintaining a position directly above the showering person.

Shower Heads: Pressure

Different types of shower heads require different levels of water pressure to function effectively. If your home or office does not have strong enough water pressure for the shower head you install, the water will not flow in a manner that is effective for the shower head. Most shower heads require between 40 and 60 psi of water. Check the water pressure in your home or office and purchase a shower head to match your pressure. If your water pressure is low, Shad’s Plumbing can help you to correct this.

Shower Heads: Spray Types

Shower head nozzles spray water in various patterns and with differing intensities. Many have adjustable settings to best suit your preferences and needs. Spray types include:

  • Wide: the default type of spray. Water leaves the shower head in a wide and even pattern.
  • Targeted: this type of spray directs a slender and forceful stream of water.
  • Rinse: this type of spray shoots water out of the central nozzles for soaking.
  • Pulsating: this type emits water in various pulsating patterns.

Energy Consumption

The more water pressure required by a shower head, the more energy it requires as well. Showers are the 3rd highest water-using appliance in the typical home in the United States. A typical shower head uses about 2 gallons of water per minute. You can save money by searching for a a shower head with the WaterSense label. WaterSense is an EPA-sponsored program designed to help consumers install and use water-efficient products. A shower head with a WaterSense label uses no more than 2 gallons of water per minute.

If you need help replacing your shower heads, contact Shad’s Plumbing and we will take the headache out of installing the best shower heads for your needs.

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